Woodshares: agriculture under bitcoin 2.0

We always see articles saying “how bitcoin could help food producers in third world countries” or “how can bitcoin stop poverty”, or “how can bitcoin be used to crowdfund this or that project.” Well, now we have a project in that line: Woodshares.

The Woodshares idea is simple: invest in wood crops business in Colombia (Latin-American emerging country), Crop business generates profits by selling wood, trees sub-products like leaves and residues(used to fuel production), CO2 bonds and lands where the project materializes the end. Here, the innovation is about two things:

  1. The use of a crypto-asset created on Counterparty platform to crowdfund the project so dividends are paid in bitcoins by using this platform at the end of every completed milestone.
  2. The DCO (Distributed Collaborative Organization) paradigm under it is being developed. The Woodshares project is currently on development under the Swarm DCO model, making decisions regarding funds management and critical topics made by the community, The entire project can be audited easily here, and in future phases, investors could watch their investments by google earth satellite photos.

Woodshares crops will be selected managed and maintained by two important Colombian companies in the market, Paisajismo Creativo and Woods and Agroindustry WAGRO, These two companies are familiarized with the wood market and the special conditions of species and wood crops in tropical countries like Colombia, in order to ensure a successful project..

The future when bitcoin 2.0 model is a significant reality for society is coming to us with projects like Woodshares, which has the potential to represent a huge impact for the communities where it will be developed, and for the preservation of tropical flora.

More information can be found on Woodshares Swarm webpage or in Woodshares project webpage.

Escrito por Pedro Rivera Wilches

Pedro Rivera Wilches

Soy Ingeniero de Automatizacion Industrial, gran apasionado de la ciencia, la tecnologia y la economia, materias en las que me desempeño profesionalmente. Me gusta la psicologia y analizar el mundo a mi alrededor.

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