Why it’s so hard to loose weight?

We often struggle to find the perfect diet or the perfect product that will be the – so longed for – solution to our problems. However sometimes the problem is not the diet nor the product, but the quality of the same. In time is inevitable to learn that every men or woman has one unique perfect diet that will work flawlessly to fit only their particular metabolic needs; we have several examples, for instance the Maori people ate only meat from hunting and fish which worked to give them all a perfect athletic body unknown to every other native people found so far; we can also look at Martina Navratilova (tennis champion) who lives with a vegan diet; or even the famous Penelope Cruz, a vegetarian. We can most certainly find – if we want – un example of someone with a successful healthy body and life for every diet or weight loss method there is out there and it is precisely because different things work for different people. But there are times when even after finding your right diet you remain unsuccessful to loose any weight at all, and the reason might be that you are eating low quality and even harmful food.



Nowadays is almost impossible to escape from transgenics or harmful pesticides. There are companies controlling the whole food industry producing bee-killing-grains with the only propose to protect their assets; we have fake spices, fake eggs, canned almost-anything-you-can-think-of and these things are precisely the ones that pose the greatest threat at the moment of living a healthy life.



There are several things we can do to ensure us we are eating healthy food, food that will provide necessary nutrients to stay healthy and loose all the extra pounds. The most ideal thing would be to get your food directly from a farm, but off course, not everybody has access to that, in fact very few do. In which case we recommend a couple easy ways to obtain better quality food.



Grow spices and condiments in your house


There is quite a few vegetables and spices that can easily be grown in your own house. If you have a backyard you can plant bigger things like corn or potatoes and to do so you only have to remove the earth making sure is loose enough for you to plant the seeds. However if your backyard is not that big or you live on an apartment you can still grow smaller things like garlic and chives, or even tomatoes, since these are very adaptable plants that seem to be quite eager to grow wherever they can.



Buy from local producers


Look for local farmers or ferias where you can go and stack you kitchen. These are usually way cheaper than buying at the supermarket, since there’s not that many “middlemen”, and you get to have the best and most natural products at the same time you support local producers and their work.



Avoid fast food and canned products


Needless to say that fast food is the most dangerous food to the organism and the biggest opponent of healthy life. Most of us are aware of the effects that all its components have on us, however now danger is not only the way food is prepared but the ingredients themselves which is save to say; are poisonous.


Cows are grown with hormones and unhealthy food causing them to be really harmful for us; Canned products contain all sorts of chemicals that can cause a series of illnesses and wheat and even transgenics that are all over everything we eat make this food a real danger to us.



In reality, loosing weight should be a lot easier than it is, and being overweighted is much more dangerous than it seems or than it should. All this is due to the simple fact that people are not only overweighted but have all sorts of illnesses that most of the times present the extra weight as a symptom and not the other way around.



We can protect ourselves by taking care of what we eat and by making the attempt to stay outside the grid of food industry as much and as long as we can.



If you want to find out more about this issue I recommend watching the documentary Food Inc.


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Daniela Liberona L.

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