We are…

A group of professionals of different fields who want to be a leader brand on Bitcoin and internet market by, initially, offering linguistic services and support.

Starting a new path

We created Emdyp with two things in mind. One was to create a new business to the Bitcoin market since it is so needed, and the second one was to create a company that could become our brand and be the representation of what we – as a team – can provide to the world.

Now, Emdyp intends to introduce into the market of lingüistic services that “spark” our costumers expect. By choosing the best professionals in their respective fields to perform each appointed task – translators working only into their native tongue, specialists writing only about their field of expertise, – we aim to really make language not a problem anymore.

We have engineers writing and researching about engineering, medics about medicine, and so on. We also provide interpreters hand picked to each event and writers perfectly suited to each job.

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